The American Bar Association (ABA) Ten Principles of a the Public Defense Delivery System were sponsored by the ABA Standing Committee on Legal and Indigent Defendants and approved by the ABA House of Delegates in February 2002. The 10 Principles were created as a practical guide for governmental officials, policymakers, and other parties who are charged with creating and funding new, or improving existing, public defense delivery systems. They constitute the fundamental criteria necessary to design a system that provides effective, efficient, high quality, ethical, conflict-free legal representation for criminal defendants who are unable to afford an attorney.

The ABA 10 Principles are available HERE

Pennsylvania Endorsement of the ABA Ten Principles:

  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • Allegheny County Bar Association
  • Philadelphia Bar Association
  • Centre County Bar Association
  • Erie County Bar Association
  • Luzerne County Bar Association
  • Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Juvenile Defenders Association of Pennsylvania
  • Defender Association of Philadelphia